The Company and Facilities :

Khaptar Aroma Industries is a private sector Company exclusively devoted to manafacturing essential oils & oleoresins and herbal products.Nepal is one of the few countries of the world which has abundant supply of raw materials with needed logistics. The major factor among others is the enriched and markedly high quality of raw materials available country.
Aloe-vera-plantKhaptar Aroma by and large, is an export oriented company. It is also a pioneering company in the field of essential oils and oleoresins with crude herbs and herbal products in Nepal. Presently, the company is coming up with its high quality products and launching its massive campaign of product penetration in markets outside Nepal. The company has maintained so  far its commitment for technologically high standard of products while maintaining modern equipments facilites for its products. Some of the important operation units on our factory are steam Distillation Unit, Soxhlet's Extraction Unit and various other supporting units. Besides, the Company is also enjoying ongoing advanced techinal supports from the Department if Plant Resources, HMG/Nepal.